The Dangers of Snorkeling

by Rob Daniels, continued. Back to the beginning

When you find something you like it is nice to buy your own and bring it with you. One thing people don't like is the thought of a hundred people using the mask and snorkel before them. Another concern with a resorts equipment is that equipment fits different on everyone and the mask they provide may not be comfortable, fit your face well and therefore leak, or be the style you like for seeing the underwater life.

Follow directions on where to snorkel and stay in bounds. The equipment that you wear is very important, particularly your life preserver. Unlike a pool, an ocean has currents. Even if it looks calm, there can be dangers. If something should happen you will be able to stay afloat while you wait for rescue. Having a guide can be helpful especially if it is your first time. Never go alone. If you do not have a guide practice have along at least one other individual. The snorkeling area should be marked off with buoys. Some snorkeling areas may not be marked off. If this is the case you should use a dive flag and also extreme caution. If boats can come into the open water they propose a danger as they can hit divers and cause injuries. Read more...


Water sports activities for diabetics suffering from moderate form of diabetes, but still wishing to pursue an active lifestyle. Businessmen can avail of opportunity to make business arrangements while recreating on nice beaches of the Bahamas, the Seychelles or any other off shore destination. Lack of adequate instruction in any kind of water sport could result in injuries, whish otherwise could be easily avoided. Don't let your pleasure to be spoiled. Get educated on the safety issues of free diving and learn how deep you can dive underwater without exposing yourself to unnecessary risks to your health. Reserve your scuba diving and snorkeling in Cancun, Cozumel before you actully travel to go diving or snorkeling in specialty way. Some of the major places that you might not want to miss on include the 3 major bays of Akumal i.e. the Half moon, Akumal, and Aventuras Bays.


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