Oceanic Delta 4 vs. Apex XTX200

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The Oceanic FDX10/Delta 4 and the Apex XTX(200) reg lines compared by scuba divers who dive. How these models' performance is affected by low temperatures and depth.

The Oceanic FDX10 employs the DVT technology, and it is environmentally sealed so diver shouldn't worry how it is going to perform in cold water.

The Delta4 mainteanance generally costs less in case there's no warranty.

Another buddy reported he dove with Apex reg at the Turks & Caicos Explorer wuth maximum depth of diving at 160 feet, and the performance was impressive.

Another diver discovered that the environmental seal on the Oceanic was not as sturdy as expected and the mechanically balanced 2nd stage turned out less great than the Apeks's pneumatically balanced one. After some time of the exposure to low temperatures and salty water, the Oceanic's environmental seal may be found working not so well, while the Apeks still works O.K even if not rinsed each time after dive.

... Oceanic DX 1st stage will allow a stronger air flow vs. Apex because of its venturi assisted primary port, whereas its mechanical 2nd stage can't mach the performance of the Apeks ATX/XTX 2nd stage.

Oceanic's low quality stainless steel, chrome and poor plastics won't last for years of no problem scuba diving. Quality should be taken into account same as excellent performance.

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