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Commercial Diving Academy in Jacksonville, Fl

Commercial Diving Academy in Jacksonville, Florida, is an accredited commercial diving school providing expert training in various aspects of commercial diving. It is an accredited training facility for the National Center for Construction Education and Research. 400 graduates each year enjoy great job opportunities that could serve as a start to exciting career in commercial diving field as a Diver, Underwater Welder or Dive Medic (Module 16).

Teaching and instruction process is executed by commercial diving school instructors with many years real specialised scuba diving experience ensuring you will receive the highest standard training any of the commercial diving schools can offer. Comprehensive and extensive diving instruction program incorporating specialty courses is tailored to meet individual student career goals.

Location & contact information: 8137 B North Main Street Jacksonville, FL 32208. Phone: 904-766-7736, Fax: 904-766-7764.

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A standard, both PADI and IANTD systems technical deep dive course, comprises 3 different levels of certification: Advanced Nitrox Diver (IANTD) or Apprentice Tech Deep Diver (PADI), Technical Nitrox Diver (IANTD) or Tec-Deep Diver (PADI), and Trimix Diver. Many of the highly skilled techniques employed by dive gurus in the field of technical scuba diving serve improving standards for the whole scuba diving industry. Being relatively risky activity, technical diving training course adheres to highly strict rules when allowing students to enroll.

History of accidents and incidents with scuba diving accessories: According to the Divers Alert Network (DAN), Versa Pro 2A Digital Dive Computer, produced by the manufacturer Oceanic, of San Leandro, California, was recalled in June 2006 due to the manufacturer's receiving one customer report about that model dive computer malfunctioning. The computer's alert "Elapsed Dive Time" was noticed to have been displayed with a delay, exceeding the actual time spent by the diver under water, which could have caused the diver to ascend before fulfilling decompression obligation, risking the development of decompression sickness condition. No injuries due to use of Versa Pro 2A Digital Dive Computer were reported.


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