The Dangers of Snorkeling

Before you go snorkel

Even if snorkeling equipment is rather simple, and requires basically just a snorkel, a mask, and fins, these come as the frequent source of dangers during the snorkeling process that pose valid threat of getting injured, especially if in open sea. If your mask fails to fit your face well it will most likely start at some moment leaking, causing you feel uncomfortable and distracting your attention from focussing on what you snorkel for: watching underwater sea life. You should avoid using unsafe snorkels of some outdated models, for they don't have what most modern snorkels are equipped with - a safety valve preventing breathing in some water that might cause choking. Getting equipped the right way is easy, so pay due attention doing so to avoid unnecessary injuries or unpleasant situations. If you expect walking on some sharp rocks you should also think of booties. Your hands will need gloves if you expect touching fish or other sea creatures, and your body putting on some sort of suit with the purpose of protection against being sunburnt or occasionally scratched.

Pool snorkeling dangers

Even if for many people it may seem close to funny talking pool snorkeling dangers at all, anyway here's the story. In August 2003 a little eight year old boy was sucked into a hidden pipe in one of the 12 inch deep pools at the Occidental Grand Flamenco Xcaret hotel. The pool was marked as "adults only".

Anyway, putting aside such though truly tragic, but by no means characteristic pool snorkeling dangers as described above, there's a rather valid risk proposed by shallow water blackout that happens in swimming pools too.

Marine environment and lack of practice due to snorkeling dangers

These include sea currents, contact with sharks and poisonous fish, and neglecting regulations providing either to stay in marked area or being accompanied with an experienced guide if diver is not experienced or duly trained for open sea snorkeling.

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