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Bahamas have in fact flourished due to their numerous attractions to tourists. Bahamas' modern infrastructure for recreational activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, sea kayaking, as well as excellent sea side hotels and resorts offer variety of choices. The people are increasingly finding this heavenly blessed God's piece of land to be a perfect vacation destination, as well as a perfect place for doing business in or for retiring. If someone failed to visit the Bahamas, they've definitely missed wonderful experience like no other.

How to open an offshore account in the Bahamas

Holding offshore bank account in the Bahamas has become very popular in recent years. Keeping your cash on such accounts grants great privilege of the availabilty of secret assets along with capability of doing your businesses tax free!

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Very good offshore jurisdiction is Seychelles. If you are a foreign citizen wishing to register a yacht in the Seychelles, the registration is only possible as part of offshore Seychelles shipping company formation. A shipping company is the type of company that is not subject to either direct or indirect taxation of its shipping operations. This kind of offshore company may either own or charter crewed or not crewed ships from other owners. All profits from such activities are allowed to remain in tax-free area.

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