Single and double person San Diego kayak tours

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Kayaking is one of San Diego's quickest growing recreational activities, so stop by, let us help you get started!

At La Jolla Kayak it's easy to explore some of the finest scenery along the Pacific Coast and observe some of the most spectacular marine life around. Sunset tours are available upon request.

Kayak San Diego - The La Jolla Sea Caves Tour is a fun kayak tour to allow you witness La Jolla’s famous Underwater Park, amazing views of Torrey Pines, Mount Soledad and incredible wildlife as you paddle up to the Sea Caves.

Aqua Adventures Kayak Center is one of the premier kayak facilities located in San Diego on beautiful Mission Bay. Waterfront rentals of top quality kayaks. Kayak lessons by ACA and BCU certified instructors followed by adventurous kayak tours.

Learn about the best parts of San Diego that can only be witnessed by foot or on water.
San Diego Bike & Kayak Tours.

Family Kayak Adventure Center, San Diego offers Kayaking Lessons, Tours, Trips, Events. Available are several days stay packages to Baja California, Southwestern United States, Southeast Alaska and the San Juan Islands.

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