Remember, contrary to many other water sports, in snorkeling the true measure and the real indicator of your skills is your ability to stay relaxed.

Safety rules to be observed while snorkeling

Whatever hazards, snorkeling can be enjoyed by entire family if person going snorkeling cares to follow just a couple of simple safety rules:

  • Learn how to fit and use snorkeling equipment the right way, don't use leaky masks, be sure your mask seals well around your entire face
  • Be sure to put on a a bathing cap if your hair is long
  • As for fins, putting them on is recommended not before entering the water, but after you've walked in waist-deep
  • Don't snorkel alone
  • Don't allow children to snorkel unsupervised by a grown-up person
  • Avoid getting over chilled
  • Never go snorkelling under the influence of alcohol
  • Practice snorkeling in shallow place before you snorkel in deep water
  • Stick strongly to the rule "feet-first" when entering the water. Head-first is allowed only when the swimming area is clearly marked for diving.
  • Pay special attention to practicing how to clear water from your snorkel, inhaling which can be cause of suffocation due to breathing in some water
  • Learn how to equalize your ears pressure while going down deeper under the water
  • Make sure there are no strong sea surface or underwater currents in the place you intend to snorkel at
  • Don't snorkel at night or in a restricted area
  • Remember that salt water is an excellent electricity conductor. You should immediately get out of the water if you expect the start of storm or rain
  • Learn swimming
  • Observe general water safety rules
  • Know how to avoid dangers and prevent, recognize, and respond to emergencies.
Speaking in the terms of confronting a danger while snorkeling, the best response to a dangerous or potentially fatal situation is to stay calm.

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