Swimming with sharks and dolphins

Dolphins are sea creatures severely protected by numerous laws of many countries, and that's why swimming with these mammals in their natural wild environment would be illegal activity for someone going snorkeling or scuba diver. Anyway, some marine life reserves got special approval and permission from the USA government to allow natural park visitors a unique and amazing opportunity to swim with dolphins in specially equipped facilities like a theme park Discovery Cove, located in Florida.

Once the next group of visitors to the adventure park is inside, each person is given wet suit, snorkel and mask that are included into the admission fee. This is facility that lets their visitors freely swim with some exotic tropical fish like sting fish and even real sharks. But the hottest and most thrilling adventure here is of course swimming with dolphins. A visitor is allowed to swim and play with their designated dolphin. Once you have tried and have made friends with a real dolphin, your life will never be the same.

Discovery Cove admission fee is by no means cheap and it is not everybody that can afford paying it, but if you do opt, you'll never pity. That could be truly the adventure of your life!

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