Snorkeling does have some dangers

Snorkeling does have some dangers everyone must be aware of before actually trying snorkeling. Not rare are the cases of people emerging from the water with injured hands, legs and body because of frivolous or careless contact with coral and some marine creatures like sea urchins that may shoot some venomous, eel that may bite, jelly fish that sting. Even if contrary to scuba divers snorkelers rarely get in contact with the most deadly see creature called stonefish. Contrary to what some people with no scuba diving or snorkeling experience believe, sharks generally don't constitute threat and show little interest towards humans in sea waters. Anyway, plain common sense prompts us to stay at a safe distance both from mammals and other animals such as eels, sharks and seabirds. Whatever they say, don't forget you are on their turf, which means they can absolutely unintentional become provoked for defensiveness resulting in aggressive action.

Snorkeling at night is to be addressed separately. Nocturnal snorkeling is to be practised using bright underwater torch with a chemical light tied around the waist of the diver - at night there's an additional danger to be hit by boat, so you need to to warn the boats.

General advice, both for day and night snorkeling. If you go snorkel, then just snorkel. Avoid walking or even putting your foot on rocks or touching rocks by hand. The most dangerous sea creature is again stonefish (in places of its habitat). Throughout its entire life the stonefish hardly ever moves, relying on its camouflage to catch unsuspecting passing fish. It has a poisonous dorsal spine for its protection. It constitutes a truly deadly danger to step on a stonefish. Both poison and the shock from pain can be fatal.



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