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Contrary to scuba diving, snorkeling needs no any kind of certification or even training, just some basic instruction. The same applies to night snorkeling. Night snorkeling is an activity that can be practiced and enjoyed by the entire family. Preparing beforehand can make it a positive experience for everyone and very safe. From all the basic snorkel gear you'll need additionally just a flashlight. There are many wonderful night snorkeling destinations and spots worldwide. Choosing the right one is one of the keys to a successful trip. You may wish to choose Maldives, highly praised by many tourists who had an opportunity to experience there snorkeling at night. You will find out that night snorkeling excursions are very popular and are widely advertised practically by all resorts. You'll have an absolutely astounding opportunity to watch whales and manta rays sleeping and take pictures or have them video filmed. The sea is very transparent there, which is very important, for if there's no sufficient underwater visibility, there is no sense to night snorkeling, whichever powerful underwater flashlight you would take with you.

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