More on Dangers of Snorkeling

The worst type of accident reported practically every year as occuring in snorkeling or scuba diving is when a person gets hit by a boat.

If you are a captain, do not forget to count the number of persons every time before you start your ship's or boat's engine.

If you are a snorkeler or a scuba diver, take care not even to approach a vessel with a running engine. Do not float in the sea hanging with the boat or holding its anchor string. Don't dive or snorkel in places where there are scooters and speedboats.

Putting on life jacket is a good idea. If caught by a current you may get get quickly tired and worn out. Life jackets saved many lives in the emergency situations.

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Danger of shallow water blackout

Shallow water blackout constitutes a big danger that is not to be underestimated. A diver will surface and take a breath of air, but then you will loose consciousness. If there's no a dive buddy or other support nearby, then there's a valid danger you could drown. Shallow water blackout is due to lack of oxygen in diver's blood stream.

Why getting educated on free-diving safety? Even if free diving isn't considered dangerous activities, it does pose danger and can even end up in the death of diver due to unsafe behavior while in the water. Free diving can be described as breath-hold diving with or without snorkel and mask and sort of water adventure sport or hobby for the sake of getting in touch, viewing and experiencing the sights, scenes and sounds of the marine life. On a single breath of air a freediver is capable to explore the life of numerous fish and sea creatures for quite a number of minutes at a time with relative comfort.

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