Types of scuba diving
There are many types of Scuba Diving depending on the purpose and the equipment involved, including, but not limited to:

Recreational scuba diving, which is diving for recreation and fun, which comprises many specialized areas of scuba diving. After Open Water certification a novice can choose to complete course in specialties like navigation, night diving, wreck diving, deep diving, cave diving, wall diving, fish identification, photography, videographer, ice diving, and even rescue diving.

Technical scuba diving, which allows more than conventional recreation, and covers extreme deep diving, advanced wreck diving, and advanced cave diving. Technical diving requires specialized training and equipment. Once you are very experienced recreational diver, technical scuba diving is the next level you may proceed to in order to become technical diver.

Commercial scuba diving means diving as profession that offers a career on oil platforms, on routine and/or urgent underwater maintenance missions, underwater surveillance and surveys, creating maps, salvage operations, scientific onsite research, dive medicine, exploration and collection of the scientific facts and data, and generally work in various diving related occupations.

Military scuba diving is for military purposes. Very much like commercial scuba diving, this occupation dels with specialized kinds of military research, underwater surveillance and mine clearing both during war time and the days of peace. The development of advanced types of dive equipment most often owes to military scuba diving.

Specialized types of diving, like diving for kids.

Scuba Diving Medicine Scuba dive in Cleveland to support diabetics

Related: The main difference between technical divers and recreational divers is not their experience or courage, but their mind set. Recreational divers are happy to swim over coral and fish, while technical divers are eager to test their limits. At a depth of 300 feet, the diver's personality, clear mind and technique are under massive stress. Even a minor mistake can lead to uncontrolled results in this environment. Therefore, psychological fitness is even more important than physical fitness for a technical diver.

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