$260,000 for the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland from the Annual Swim for Diabetes.

Scuba dive in Greater Cleveland to support diabetics.
Cleveland, OH – More than 1,200 people of all ages swam, walked, splashed, and SCUBA dived during the Verizon sponsored 20th annual Swim for Diabetes that raised the total of $260,000 for the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland. Many of the participating scuba divers were themselves diabetics. The event took place at over 70 indoor swimming-pools across the northeast Ohio on April 8 to 10, 2005 weekend.

All proceeds went to the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland, the only local independent organization dedicated to helping the 1 in 16 people affected by type 1 and type 2 diabetes in this community. Every dollar raised remained in the northeast Ohio to support diabetes risk assessments and education programs, fund local diabetes research, and support Camp Ho Mita Koda for children with diabetes.

The 20th Annual Swim for Diabetes was held on April 10, 2005 with Verizon Wireless being the title sponsor for this Diabetes Event. Supporting platinum sponsors included also the Cleveland Indians and Soft Rock 102.1 WDOK.

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