Things to be considered by a woman who goes scuba diving.

Common health issues for women divers are associated with:

  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Menstruation period
  • Pregnancy, encompassing both pregnancy period and after pregnancy condition
  • Use of oral contraceptives
  • Lactation
Even if normally there's nothing particular preventing a female diver from enjoying a dive, there's a set of measures and restrictions associated with a particular medical condition. Say, for a woman suffering from Premenstrual syndrom (PMS), it is advised to extend surface interval if intending to repeat a dive. Also it is to be taken into account that women are more vulnerable to decompression sickness, so it is recommended to extend decompensation pauses. A pregnant woman positively must abstain from diving. During surfacing air bubbles can form in woman's bloodstream - this can be very dangerous for both woman and her unborn baby. But a pregnant woman can safely enjoy snorkeling.

A general advice is: don't forget to consult your doctor! And should you or your fellow diver start showing signs of suffering from a health affecting or life threatening condition, call the emergency services immediately.

Soon we are going to add here the feeds from Scuba Women scuba diving resource' special section for women divers with the first-hand information covering the aspects of dive history involving women, information about dive equipment, books and DVDs about diving, underwater pictures from the dive destinations lady members of this dive community have travelled to, as well as news from the discussion group. And best of all, advice specific to women's issues, like providing links to dive centres with childcare services. Don't forget to re-visit soon!

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