Diving Career Training: becoming professional scuba diving manager in Texas

Curriculum for a minor in scuba diving can be completed at the Texas Wesleyan University. The course is intended to train instructors in recreational dive management. So far there is no other school in Texas offering a minor in scuba diving, though there are few schools in other states, the closest are in Florida and California.

Wesleyan University is located several hundred miles away from open water. Graduates will have to work further and improve their skills to become a certified dive master. Practical dives are taken in places like Cozumel and Grand Cayman, as well as in abandoned rock quarry in Huntsville, Texas. To become a certified dive master afterwards, a graduate will need to enroll and complete successfully some extensive training covering different specialized areas of diving, like diver physiology, decompression, including decompressing dives, underwater navigation, deep water scuba diving, night diving, and ultimately to complete search and rescue course with PADI. As for the graduates of Texas Wesleyan University, those who have completed the minor face good prospects of having a career in the recreational dive management.

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