New wreck dive site at Comino, Malta

Wreck Scuba Diving Malta

Malta is one of the most popular and visited places to scuba dive in Europe. At least two of its dive sites are regularly voted for as belonging to the top ten dive sites in Europe. Recently new wreck dive site has been added to the existing scuba diving destinations. The scrapped Armed Forces Patrol Boat P31, which is 52 m long, has been purposely sunken to the depth of 18 meters and now is available for exploration by scuba divers, who visit Cirkewwa and Comino.

The other two Maltese renowned scuba diving sites are

Wreck of the Rozi MV at Cirkewwa, where there's a magnificent underwater topography available for divers. The visibility there is very good allowing to enjoy abundant local marine life including barracudas, morays, octopus, and cuttlefish. If you are lucky, you may even happen to dive close to dolphins.

HMS Maori Wreck at fort St. Elmo. HMS Maori was constructed in 1937 and took part in marine warfare in the Mediterranean, as well as in the Norwegian campaign. The warship also was out for Atlantic convoys and operations in the North Sea. Located at St Elmo's Bay, the site offers chance to descend down to the depth of 15m, while the ship rests at 18 m. Divers can enter the wreck and exit from inside through large holes in the starboard side.

Other wreck diving sites at Malta include Blenheim Bomber Wreck, Carolita Barge Wreck, Um El Faroud Wreck and MV Odile Wreck.

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