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The Best Scuba Diving Holiday Spot

by Douglas Scott

Gozo is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Gozo is 67 square kilometres in size, which is about the same size as Manhattan. The island of Gozo, with its three hilled island, is greener and more picturesque than Malta.

It looks like the Garden of Eden with all the wild flowers, birds and other animals in its best months which are October to May. Its underwater landscape is spectacular and the waters surrounding the island are of the most beautiful blue. Gozo is rated as the best scuba diving holiday spot in the Mediterranean where divers can enjoy drop offs, reefs, and caves.

Ramla beach is one of Gozo's nicest beaches Ramla bay is in fact reputed to be the place where Ulysses, the heroic Greek warrior, met the enchanting queen Calypso

The red sand beach at Ramla Bay is among the nicest in the Mediterranean. Marsalforn and Xlendi near to Victoria are the main resorts. Xlendi is one of the most popular places in Gozo.

The island is also known for it's lace and for its woollen goods. There are also many small stalls to buy them from. All over the island are small shops selling beautiful lace items and in some of them can be also seen old ladies showing how the lace is done. Knitted jackets are also on sale everywhere.

Dwejra is the Fungus Rock. In Maltese it is called Il Gebla tal-General General's Rock. It is called in remembrance of the Italian General who centuries ago fell to his death while supervising quarrying activities in the area. History tells us that a special plant with medicinal and healing properties used to grow on Fungus Rock and because of this the Rock used to be heavily guarded during the time of the Knights of Malta. Anyone caught stealing the crop was sentenced to death.

Ghantija Temples are two massive megaliths which were carved into temples by the pre-Phoenician Gozitans between 4,100 and 2,500BC. There now stand on the island as mysterious monuments to a bygone age. Legend has it that they were transported to the island by a giantess called Sansuna. The name of the site, Ghantija, which means giant. Large stone balls in the area, however, have led archaeologists to conclude that the massive blocks were rolled into place atop these. The two temples have a common facade but each has a separate entrance one is larger than the other. It is believed both originally had roofing made of wooden beams, and that sacrifices of animals were made in the temples during rituals.

About the Author: Douglas Scott is a free lance writer for The Gozo Rental Site.

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