Snorkeling can be enjoyed by the entire family. Preparing before hand can make it a positive experience for everyone and very safe. Being aware of the potential dangers and learning how to prevent them is the key to a successful trip. Read the entire entry.

Snorkeling Destinations: Manado Bunaken National Marine Park, Indonesia. Ranks one of the best snorkeling destinations in the world. Review will be posted soon.

Some considerations regarding snorkeling

Wanting to persuade fans of snorkeling to go on to scuba diving is something frequent you come across now and then. People who did it once tend to be wishing to persuade snorkelers proceed to trying scuba diving. Anyway, rather often people who enjoy snorkeling have no desire even see if scuba diving would be right for them. Please, respect their choice and don't insist. If snorkeling suits someone better, let it be so. Snorkeling is truly a worthwhile recreational activity, hence it should be given respect to as such.

Supplied air snorkeling

Technically very simple and requiring generally no special training with instructor, snorkeling however undergoes minor changes, improvements, and use of advanced devices, for example a flotation device with air tank and regulator. If using such device, a snorkeler can swim on the surface breathing with the coming through the regulator from the air tank. Snorkeling this way is very comfortable from one hand, but from the other hand if you are equiped with the unit of the sort, you are confined to floating on surface only, because going underwater is just technically impossible if you've got such device on.

Free diving

Snorkeling sometimes is referred to as skin diving, but there's a difference between snorkeling and skin diving. Skin diving implies better skills and frequent surface dives. Contrary to snorkeling requires instruction, though certification is not obligatory. People practicing skin diving should be informed and be well aware of the dangers like shallow water blackout.

Other Scuba Diving Destinations: Indonesia, Bali * Israel (Dead Sea extreme diving)

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