Scuba Diving In Sharm El Sheikh - The Gateway To The Red Sea

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It is possible still to dive through parts of the Thistlegorm wreck, giving divers access to the wheel house, the chart room, and the bathroom salon and the various holds that contained so much of what was sunk. The Thistlegorm is usually a two dive day, with the first dive following the outer curcuit of the wreck, observing areas such the Locomotive (which was blown clear of the wreck), and the propeller towards the rear. Nowadays, a large variety of marine life has made it's home at the Thistlegorm Wreck, and you are likely to see large shoals of Batfish alongside good numbers of Barracuda here. Even a couple of Crocodile fish seem to have made their home on the decks of the Thistlegorm!

Overall, Sharm El Sheikh presents scuba divers both novice and advanced with a multitude of interesting dives. For people looking to learn to dive, Sharm El Sheikh has a particularly strong offering, with numerous established, and professionally run operations. Each year, large numbers of people, especially Europeans, come to Sharm to learn to dive, and to enjoy the various other attractions that the area has to offer. In particular, it is worth while taking the time to visit the St Katherines monastry and climb Mount Sinai, both of which are a short drive away.

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