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Houston Scuba Academy. Houston Scuba Academy was established in 1960 with the sole objective of helping people relax and have fun scuba diving. Learning snorkeling skills in just two hours. Offers certification through theory, pool training and open water dives. This facility also offers handicapped diver classes for persons with special needs. 12505 Hillcroft , Houston, TX 77035 * (713) 721-7788.

Call 212-380-6898 to contact freelance PADI Scuba & EFR/CPR Instructor serving all of Texas. Learn scuba diving, snorkeling and CPR from a local independent instructor, who offers services in the following areas: Houston, Dallas, The Woodlands, Huntsville, Cypress, Conroe, Spring, Brenham, Austin - Texas. There's no difference in getting your PADI training an certification at licensed dive center or with an independent scuba instructor. No need to buy scuba gear until you feel scuba diving is for you to an extent there's no hesitation whether to invest or not.

There's a PADI five star dive center with five locations serving the greater Houston area. Next goes the Houston Underwater Club, Inc., an active scuba diving membership club, bound together by common Interests in the underwater world. You may also wish to discover scuba with Houston's full service Scuba Diving Center and NAUI Tech Center that offers NAUI Scuba Classes, worldwide dive travel and scuba equipment from the world's best manufacturers.

The Houston Canoe Club: Houston's largest and oldest canoe club.

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