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Modern scuba diving equipment will allow any person without serious health related contraindications to safely dive as deep as over a hundred feet prvided proper scuba diving lessons have been taken. SCUBA (S.C.U.B.A.) stands for self contained underwater breathing apparatus. Sounds complicated, doesn't it? You'll be surpeised to discover that learning dive with scuba turns out much less complicated compared to what the scuba definition sounds, if you let your scuba diving instructor demonstrate you how to use all that dive gear and provide you with all theory knowledge needed to plan your dive and then dive your plan according to a PADI diving table you've calculated on your own to have scheduled your dive time and both depth and itinerary under water. Theses basic skills and knowledge are indespensable to be picked up before you actually go diving in the open water, where some deadly hazards like air embolism, decompression disease (sickness) might lurk for negligent amateur divers who didn't care to do their introduction scuba diving lessons be a PADI certified scuba diving instructor. By no means you should go on your first open water dive until to are sure you can calculate your correct and safe descent and ascent rates. Online scuba diving lessons are available from number of PADI dive centers worldwide. Scuba diving lessons are normally available from Dive Centers located not just at known seaside dive spas and resorts, but also inland in the areas that are far off sea shore.

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