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The early days of surf culture began back in the 1960's. Before this time surf culture was simply about the constant search for waves and the ultimate ride on your surfboard. Now, surf culture has evolved into a popular lifestyle that doesn't simply revolve around your board and when you are going to catch the next wave. The easy-going surf lifestyle and its associated surf wear have become hugely desirable with its environmental ethos and philosophy to enjoy life. It has also become a fashion trend. Surfing and other board sports such as kite surfing, wake boarding, skate boarding, snowboarding, and wind surfing are incredibly popular and frequently appear in the media.

They are all helping to bring the surf lifestyle and the board riders surf wear to the attention of the world. Many surf Exciting and exhilarating hobby that allows you to view an underworld life most won't ever see firsthand. When lifestyle brands have created a range of surf wear that embodies the values and aspirations of the surf culture. Designing and producing surf wear such as wetsuits, rash vests, t-shirts, tops, jackets, jeans, pants and board shorts for the surfer's lifestyle in and out of the water. Surf top is usually tight fit, for more comfort and flexible moves on the waves. Surf top usually made out of material called lycra nylon or spandex, just like most other swimwear.

The benefits of using this material are it has low water absorption, very light weight, and quick drying. Whereas board shorts are always loose fit, mostly use tie to tight the shorts around the waist instead of zipper. In terms surf wear marketing and advertisement, many big surf wear brands consistently sponsor surfers in surfing competition, arranging surfing events across the world, and bringing to the attention of the public the need to look after the world's oceans. The designs and styles of surf wear currently produced by the surfing brands have been influenced by the surf lifestyle, fashion, and music. The colours used to produce surf wear are traditionally influenced by customary colour like stone, beige, grey, black, white, navy, brown and surf blue. Surf brands continue to use these colours but they also add seasonal and fashion influenced colours to the collection. This means that there should be a colour to suit everyone's taste.

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About the author: Karina Dewi works as a Marketing Manager in a sportswear company. She has been in this clothing business for more than 5 years. She has been interested in sport since she was young, particularly in swimming. She also did a lot of research on sportswear market, particulary swimwear, bikini, gym wear and surf wear.


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