Caribbean scuba diving tours, resorts & destinations

Costa Rica is another popular tourist destination in the Caribbean Sea area.

Scuba diving anywhere in the world must be a wonderful experience, but if you choose to travel to Caribbean, you'll find out scuba diving there has some rewarding and exciting difference unmatched to whatever you might expect to experience elsewhere.

Many people avail of their Caribbean vacations to qualify as beginner scuba divers. As for the scuba divers who are already experienced, there's an opportunity to upgrade their qualifications to enjoy eligibility to perform as dive instructors or dive masters.

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It can be said without exaggeration that scuba diving in Costa Rica will make the ultimate scuba diving adventure. Depending on the scuba diving location a diver elects to visit to dive with scuba at, good underwater visibility of up to 80 feet can be expected, for the sea water here is miraculously transparent.

Upon arrival to Costa Rica either on a charter tour, or independently, tourist will discover that resorts offer options for every kind of recreation ranging from complete relaxation to active recreational activities under the open air and in the open sea. Most scuba diving destinations are within the easy reach by boat or yacht. Some outstanding, but more distant places for scuba diving are Catalina, Bat and Cosco Islands, traveling to which is recommended for scuba safaris lovers with adequate previous experience or training. Diverse dive and accommodation packages can be signed up for and purchaised locally, if you don't have but think you need one.

The majority of Costa Rica scuba diving resorts have facilities offering certified scuba diving lessons and scuba diving certification to comply with PADI and NAUI scuba diving standards.

Besides being the most wonderful place for scuba diving, Costa Rica boasts an overall visitor-friendly, low crime environment, and safety to make your scuba diving vacation and generally your stay here regardless of the goal of visit as safe and as enjoyable as in no other country of the Central America.

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