You may get seriously hurt while scuba diving

Scuba diving is a sport involving certain risks like every other sport, but from the other hand scuba diving is not more dangerous than many other hobbies, activities and sports we do not hesitate to practice.

The reason scuba diving tends to be perceived riskier than other sports that are in fact much riskier must be due to the fear of water as an adverse environment where a scuba diver has to rely upon underwater breathing apparatus to be able to breath with air while in the airless environment. It's true that scuba diving is often being included into the lists of dangerous recreational activities based on fears the said lists compilers themselves feel towards the water rather than any statistics, which, if studied, wouldn't simply provide any sensible reason for the scuba diving inclusion. Maybe, with the exclusion of the cave diving.

Even if you are a complete novice, you've got nothing to risk if you perform your first dives on PADI or NAUI certified facilities, whose safety standards are model. Avoid buying dive packages in which the participants are not trained or certified, they are dangerous. PADI and NAUI recommend a complete training and certification before diving in open water.

You may get seriously hurt if your scuba diving experience is preceded by poor training or no training at all. Then such dangerous scuba diving hazards as barotrauma to the lungs and decompression sickness (alternately referred to as "the bends") have all reasons to become conditions you might face as scuba diver.

Anyway, if you get proper training prior to actually scuba diving, your diving will involve much less risks than if you were going to:
  • Ride a bicycle or motorcycle on city streets
  • Take a taxi or a bus drive
  • Smoke cigarettes
  • Sail a yacht
  • Fish from a dock
For people who don't know it may be surprising to discover that the majority of injuries occur to scuba divers while they are still on the boat preparing for a dive.

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Most common injuries and medical conditions associated with scuba diving. Other than barotraumas and the decompression disease they include middle ear squeeze, arterial gas embolism, contact irritations, bites and stings by jelly fish and other dangerous marine creatures, plus abrasions, lacerations and fractures. All these health conditions, measures to avoid them and immediate assistance and self-assistance are discussed as a part of the instruction during your diver training, if taken on PADI or NAUI certified facilities. Modern scuba equipment allows to dive to depths exceding a hundred feet provided you have got enough training and proper scuba diving lessons and have learned to calculate how long and how deep you can safely stay underwater and have practiced enough to have learned the skills ensuring you stick to the correct descent and ascent rates.

Cayman Islands Will Launch New Dive Attraction in June 2009. The USS Kittiwake, a decommissioned naval ship, will be sunk on the Grand Cayman's Seven Mile Beach, with the purpose of diversifying underwater activities for scuba divers, skin divers and snorkelers of all skill levels. The Kittiwake that served as a submarine rescue ship in the US Navy during the World War II will join a Russian frigate the MV Captain Keith Tibbets lying on the sea bed there since 1996 as one of the most known dive attractions in the Caribbean. The Cayman Islands Tourism Authority's ultimate goal is to create the attraction that would suite both divers and snorkelers. The artificial reef is expected to decrease the number of divers and provide relief for some of the most frequently visited Grand Cayman's dive sites.

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