Caribbean Dive Sites: Scuba Diving in Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico

Compared to other scuba diving destinations in the world Puerto Rico has only a few dive centers and diving schools. Even if scuba diving is on the surge and scuba divers are in constant search for new dive sites to explore, Puerto Rico scuba diving hasn't been discovered by too many people yet. So far Puerto Rico remains better known for its great beaches and surfing grounds than for scuba diving.

The island of Puerto Rico, washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean from the east and the Caribbean Sea from the west, boasts a variety of marine life and coral reefs hardly seen anywhere else in the world.

Among the addicts of scuba diving Puerto Rico sometimes is referred to as the best kept secret of the Caribbean. The East Puerto Rico's dive sites offer opportunity of scuba diving with dolphins, manatees, sharks and occasionally even with huge whales. Local waters are remarkabley transparent and clear. Add there the friendliness of the Puerto Rican people and you'll get a combination suiting the most daring expectations of every scuba diver.

Dive tour operators. East Puerto Rico Diving, located in Palmas del Mar, is one of the dive centers that offer scuba diving tours along the east coast of Puerto Rico. The company offers scuba diving lessons and organizes scuba diving tours in Palmas del Mar, Vieques and Culebra. Dive tours departure point is the Yacht Club in Palmas del Mar. The comfortable 37ft long purpose built dive boat of East Puerto Rico Diving can reach up to 20 mph and will get you to any of the dive sites in no time! The dive boat has an extra wide swim platform and a custom built, extra deep dive ladder so getting back on the boat is easy.

Diving in Puerto Rico offers a wide variety of underwater life and coral reefs views you can hardly come across and see elsewhere in the world. Even if you are not fan of scuba diving or any other form of watersport or recreational activity, beautiful long sandy beaches bordering the island are best place for relaxation and are worth more than one visit. Palmas del Mar is also a destination to enjoy snorkeling, free diving or just swimming in the warm Caribbean water. Alternately you a tourist can just sun bathe under palm trees or go for a walk through small rain forest for absolutely unique experience. More information about Diving in Puerto Rico: Phone 866-449-0932, Address: East Puerto Rico Diving, Yacht Club, Palmas del Mar, Humacao 00792.

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