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You may need special scuba diving travel insurance intended to protect you specifically when diving, because the standard travel insurance policy normally offered by insurance companies doesn't provide coverage for accidents originating from practicing hazardous sports or recreational activities like scuba diving. That's why before even thinking about planning a diving holiday of any sort, you should think first about acquiring your scuba diving travel insurance policy with appropriate and sufficient coverage. If you are PADI certified, you'll normally have no problems getting such at a low price.

The Independent Guide to Diving and SCUBA Travel guide to diving around the world will help everyone to discover the best dive sites with the freshest and most often updated information. In part, we intend to include a section of feeds covering the essential travel insurance for Divers down to 50 m * There are travel insurance companies that offer truly great deals for divers in Ukraine, the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and generally everywhere in the world. We are going to establish contact with reputed specialists and agents in the field of providing insurance for the hazardous sports and hobbies including both professional and recreational scuba diving, snorkeling and skin diving. Coming very soon: Djibouti diving insurance travel information; Ethiopia, Eritrea, Egypt, Kenya, Madagascar, Djibouti, Maldives, Sudan, Philippines * Third Party Liability Insurance and Travel/Diving Insurance Discounts. If you are going to travel, you must keep in mind that normally as a diver you are not covered with your dive insurance should you dive earlier that 24 hours from your arrival time and the same 24 hours after the departure on your trip. What Not to Do. We are going to discuss cutting out coverage and worthiness of doing so. The number of uninsured divers tend to be reducing, and there are good reasons for you to follow this trend even if you are going to practice unsupervised dives outside any spa or officially designated dive facility.


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