Dead Sea scuba diving

Travel to Israel to scuba dive into the other-worldly underwater landscape full of ice-like salty rocks

Scuba diving in the Dead Sea, Israel, is like diving in the water full of huge, magnificent ice crystals of all forms and sizes. Viewing these arouses unforgettable sensation matching none a scuba diver could experience during most exciting dive elsewhere in the world, it can't be described to the fullest, this is something to be seen and experienced on your own!

The Dead Sea water is pleasantly warm and transparent, and the crystalline ice-looking rocks on the sea bed are not ice, of course, but aggregations of the sparkling ice-white salt. What makes the Dead Sea waters absolutely unique place, is that it is the saltiest water that can be found in any of the Earth's seas or salty lakes. Just imagine: it is 8.6 times as salty as the ocean. The salt in the spectacular form of huge crystals and aggregations can be seen everywhere, both above and under the water. The salt builds up along the shores of the Dead Sea, it is deposited in some of the surrounded cliffs, and, of course, there are lots, lots of salt under the water that has precipitated out of solution onto the sea floor forming chunks of different configuration and size and creating a spectacular natural and spiritual other-worldly landscape.

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