Scuba Diving Equipment

The club offers wide range of scuba diving equipment, which can be either bought or rented at very affordable prices. Practically every item is available, or we can give advice what and where to purchase should we fail to have it ourselves.

Here's the brief overview of some of the basic and most popular scuba diving equipment, gear, items and accessories.

The main component of every scuba diver's equipment is self-contained breathing underwater apparatus designed to allow staying underwater for periods of time greater than human breath-holding ability allows. The other components and scuba diving items and accessories of scuba diver's equipment include fins, underwater mask, scuba diving regulators, scuba weight belts, snokels, dive wet suits, scuba divng t-shirts, underwater torches, scuba diver photo and video cameras, knives and some more. The diver carries all equipment that is necessary for diving and is not reliant upon equipment elsewhere (e.g. on the surface) to supply breathing gas or other support during the dive. Besides fins attached to scuba diver's feet, the divers can move around using a DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle), commonly referred to as a "scooter", or with the help of water sleds, which are pulled by a boat on the surface of the water.

The picture gallery below demonstrates some of the scuba diving equipment.

scuba-diving-02.jpg scuba-diving-03.jpg scuba-diver-01.jpg
scuba-diver-03.jpg scuba-diving-01.jpg scuba-diving-05.jpg
scuba-gear-04.jpg scuba-diver-m6t.jpg, underwater diving scuba-diver-fish-i8.jpg, underwater diving
scuba-gear-02.jpg scuba-diving-boat.jpg scuba-gear-03.jpg
scuba-diving-04.jpg scuba-boat.jpg scuba-diver-02.jpg

Expert Advice on How to Find the Right Scuba Equipment and Gear

When you have all the right scuba equipment, make sure all the divers involved know how to use the scuba gear effectively and safely. If there are any questions or concerns with the scuba gear, be sure to resolve with the scuba equipment retailer or a certified scuba instructor before you begin a scuba dive. Scuba equipment can be a tricky purchase if you don't know what to look for and what skill level your scuba diving is at. Buying scuba gear can also be an enjoyable event if you know it means you will make more dives in the coming days and months. Sarah Freeland,

Aqua Lung America Recalls Apeks Scuba Diving Regulators Due to Drowning Hazard

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