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Aqua Lung America Recalls Apeks Scuba Diving Regulators Due to Drowning Hazard

According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission / Aqua Lung joint press release, on September 17, 2008 the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a voluntary recall of Apeks Second Stage Scuba Regulators produced by Apeks Marine Equipment Ltd., of Blackburn, England. Scuba divers are advised to stop using the recalled product immediately.


Name of Product: Apeks Second Stage Scuba Regulators
Units: About 25,000
Distributor: Aqua Lung America of Vista, California
Manufacturer: Apeks Marine Equipment Ltd., of Blackburn, England
Hazard: These regulators can be missing the diaphragm cover which can cause the diaphragm to become displaced during a dive, allowing water to enter the scuba regulator. This poses a drowning hazard to scuba divers.
Incidents and/or Injuries reported: None.

Picture of diving regulator

The recall involves Apeks TX, ATX, and XTX second stage regulators that have never been serviced. Apeks and TX, ATX, or XTX is printed on the regulator.

Consumers should immediately stop diving with these regulators and visit an authorized Apeks dealer for a free inspection and free installation of a diaphragm cover, if the cover is missing. If you have an Apeks regulator or octopus that has never had an authorized annual service, regardless of how recently purchased, take the regulator/octopus to your Apeks dealer to be visually inspected.

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The Apex regulators are being manufactured in England. In the USA they are sold through authorized Apeks dealers nationwide.

For additional information consumers may wish to contact Aqua Lung toll-free at (877) 253-3483 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday.

Aqua Lung International has been the worldwide leader in the industry of producing scuba diving equipment. The company's high performance regulators, buoyancy compensators (BC's), masks, fins, snorkels, wetsuits etc. are manufactured under brand names such as Apeks, Aqua Lung or SeaQuest.

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