The demographic situation with cancer in Ukraine looks dramatic, especially with recent cuts in budget spendings along with the unmatched inflation of the national currency hryvnya. In fact, the situation with cancer treatment, early diagnostics and prevention measures in Ukraine is the worst from all other european countries. To be treated successfully on global scale, spending on cancer must take five per cent from the overall national income of each country. In Ukraine this financing stays at the level below 0,1 per cent.

It is already two successive years that Ukraine's parliament fails to pass a law backing the adoption of Ukraine's national cancer fighting program, that was developed in 2006 by a group of the nations leading scientists, doctors and researchers. With the rejection of the said program hopes of tens of thousands patients were buried. Due to extremely low income of many patients and with medical insurance system being practically none-existent in this country, very often a patient has nothing to hope for or rely upon. If a person gets diagnosed cancer, he or she may hope only 30 percent of cancer treatment related expenses will be covered by the state. With average cost of the case treatment cause estimate of $US 20,000 an average patient has very slim chances to survive.

So, to be realistic, people can influence the situation mostly on the stage of cancer prophylactics. To reduce the danger of falling ill with cancer, a person must reduce or better completely give up smoking, stick to healthy food by increasing quantity of plant food and reducing the consumption of red meat and grease, and practising moderately active physical activity as mode of life.

Reviews and articles featuring different points of view are to be published soon to trigger the discussion on cancer related topics. We plan inviting leading surgeons and specialists to make their opinions public.

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