PADI Junior Scuba Diver lessons/courses/training sessions

Camp Beaumont, UK. A very good brand new PADI Junior Scuba Diver course for the 2010 season is offered at Camp Beaumont, a known British summer camp for children and teenagers aged 10-17 has been introduced recently. This course, designed for the year 2010, allows youngsters to get acquainted with some scuba diving basics and comes as the newest addition to the Camp Beaumont's variety of adventure activities for children. It combines professional PADI dive instruction with a Multi-Activity holiday during the summer months of July and August along with abseiling, climbing, quad biking etc. and is available at Camp Beaumont's Pinewood Sands camp, North Norfolk and Grosvenor Hall in Ashford, Kent. The kids are expected to learn some of the equipment handling skills and basic rule of safe behavior while under water, snorkelling, mask clearing and de-kitting underwater. Instructors from local professional PADI dive schools will teach the students two out of the three parts to the full certificate, working towards completing the referral certificate for the PADI Junior Open Water course. Once the course has been completed, the children will be able to proceed to the final stage so they could get their qualification at their local PADI school, with their 4 final open water dives preceding full qualification. More information can be obtained by phone from a live person at 0800-655-6560.

PADI Junior Courses - Diving for Juniors in Gran Canaria from Davy Jones Diving. Here the PADI Junior Scuba Diver Course is offered for children younger than 16. For children 10 to 12 wishing to pursue diving qualification, the PADI Junior Scuba Diver Course is recommended rather than the full Junior Open Water Course for a variety of reasons, in part because it is less intense, and does not require the same depth and commitment to study. The decompression tables are included only in the second part of the Open Water Course, while Junior Open Water and Junior Scuba Divers are only allowed to dive with scuba to maximum depth never exceeding 12 meters. A conversion course to upgrade to Open Water Qualification can be taken by Junior Scuba Diver at any time, so when a Junior Diver reaches the age of 16 their qualification converts to adult status automatically. For more information you can call (0034) 699-721-584 (international), or 900-46-01-47 while in Spain.

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