Scubacraft SC3, Scubacraft SC6

The Scubacraft is a 1500cc boat that turns into an underwater propulsion vehicle for divers. It works by inflating or deflating boyancy tubes integrated in its hull, which allow it to submerge and surface at will. Perfect for those 007 moments. (Maritime Magg: The Best Of The Boats - The Sunday Times, 23 November, 2008)

Scubacraft pwc underwater speedboatThis advanced high-performance sports boat is capable of transforming into a submersible. It is a small, speed boat capable of developing a speed of 50 mph while on the surface, where it's being powered by a 160hp 4-stroke engine with a waterjet driver. Beneath the water the Scubacraft SC3 is being driven by 4 electric thrusters capable of developing the speed of 3 knots for the duration of 90 minutes diving.

While on a dive location it can be transformed into a free-flooding, self-contained hydrodynamic vehicle capable of submerging down to 30 metres below the water surface level. While underwater, the vehicle is being powered by electric thrusters. Using its intuitive controls a scuba diver can experience the sensation comparable to one's flying underwater.

"The Scubacraft skims surface waters and dives 100 feet into the ocean" - CNN.

Customers may wish to contact live support line for detailed information by calling phone +44 (0)8450 563 863.

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