Scuba diving in Cork Harbour area, Ireland

The Cork area in Ireland offers many opportunities for scuba diving both from shore and diveboat at different locations off the coast. Scuba diving here requires local guide and instruction on the local topography.

The following dive sites may be of interest for both novices and advanced PADI certified scuba divers:

  • Sandy Cove Island, off the Kinsale Harbour, offers good dive to the maximum depth of 15 m. Good both for shore scuba diving and diving from dive boat.
  • The Celtic - offers wreck diving. If you are going there for the first time, you'll need a local dive instructor services or a dive leader to locate the wreck. Dive conditions involve encounting strong Easterly current. Slack water is important to perform this dive successfully.
  • Nohaval Cove offers an opportunity of scuba diving from shore, no boats are available from any dive operators. The depth of dive is 10-15 m. Oysterhaven dive site offers various opportunities, and the place is is ideal for scuba diving from boat as well as shore diving, since there's an easy access to the sea.
  • The Man-of-War Cove is locate some 4 kilometers to the south from Robert's Cove. The normal depth of of dive is 10-12m.
  • Kinsale dive site. There's a marina, so there's no problem for diveboats.
  • Robert's Cove is located off Cork Harbour off and basically offers the shore type of scuba diving.
  • Daunt Rock is a dive site located at the distance of about 5 km off the shore. It is an interesting location to dive at, but needs some experience, because the dive site is very exposed to a strong Easterly current. The depth of dive exceeds 30 meters (around 90 feet). The sea bed is all broken rock.
  • Ling Rocks are situated approximately 9km to the South-East from Oysterhaven. Here a scuba diver can explore some underwater peaks, if their qualification allow diving to the depth of at least 26 meters.
  • Diving off Sovereign Islands, wreck diving. Near the Big Sovereign there lie the remaining fragments of a wrecked Dutch trawler to explore, while the Small Sovereign is notable for a grotto. It's fun to swim through the grotto to exit at the other end of it. Scuba diving of the Sovereigns, Ireland, doesn't require much experience since the conditions here are not complicated and the depths don't exceed 15 meters, normally 12 meters.
  • Ballymaccus Bay is located opposite the slip in Oysterhaven. Scuba diving at this dive site is safe, and it is a very good dive site for those willing to experience shallow water night diving. The marine life is divers, and is fun to watch
  • Charles Fort is located on the northern side of Kinsale Harbour and offers nice opportunity for a shore dive
  • Black Head is a reef running in South East direction from the shore. This dive sites is comfortable sheltered from persistent winds. The Black Head offers excellent shore dive and opportunity to watch some diverse marine life.

    Other dive sites at Cork Harbor area, Ireland:

  • Bream Rock
  • Holeopen Bay West and Holeopen Bay East. Offer an exciting opportunity to dive during a flooding tide.
  • Dive in a quest for Stonewall Jackson
  • Seven Heads, Cardiff Hall wreck diving. Depths range 12 to 15 meters.

    Other dive sites in Ireland: * Sovereign Islands * Ballymaccus Bay. Excellent dive site for a shallow night dive * Kinsale dive site * Charles Fort on the North side of Kinsale Harbour, near the Youth Hostel * Sandy Cove Island * Kinsale Harbour * Black Head. Go for a good shore dive, depth of 25m * Bream Rock, Ireland * Holeopen Bay West, Ireland * Stonewall Jackson dive site - find a wreck, there's a quest! * Seven Heads, where Cardiff Hall was wrecked * Roaring Water Bay, Ireland * PADI scuba diving at the famous Fastnet Rock in Ireland * Rock Island, Ireland * Crookhaven Harbour, Ireland * Goleen Pier * Metal Man - here scuba divers can dive to explore the wreck Oasis * Mizen Head area * Brow Head * Carrignagower rock * the Copper Boat, Ireland * Vaud Cove dive site, Ireland * Dunlough Pier * Toor Pier in Dunmanus Bay * Bantry Bay * Gerahies Pier * Collack Pier * Zetland Pier * Roancarrigmore Lighthouse / Lonehort Point * Bardini Reefer * Spanish Trawler * Black Ball Head * Garnish Pier * Green Island *

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