Scuba Force Explorer

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Material - Cordura British firm Ferguson, consists of 3 layers: polyester, butyl rubber, and Cordura. This part of the drysuit is both tough and resilient, which means no restricting of your movements under water.

The costume has a telescopic torso, which is not creating extra volume of air inside the suit leaves the absolute mobility. The upper and lower part of different thickness, bottom suit less fat, for greater freedom of stroke, as well as movement on the surface. Lightning Heavy Duty (especially strong). Basic package includes: two side pockets with Velcro / Kevlar kneepads, talc and wax for lightning branded carrying case suit.

Review for this product:

ScubaForce © has undertaken to manufacture their brand line of Scubaforce Explorer drysuits to be sold at reasonably affordable price. The ScubaForce Explorer © is intended not only for sport, recreational and technical divers, but also for rescue teams. Numerous tests have confirmed the high quality of this product. In Germany ScubaForce © dry suits were examined and certified according to the Community directive 89/686/EWG and EN 14225-2 with the TUV Rhineland. These custom made dry suits are produced to satisfy expected personal desires of individual customer within 4-6 weeks in the location Juchen (Neuss).

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General scuba drysuits review:

There are basically two types of scuba dry suits:

  • Membrane suit: a material called trilaminate. This material is very thin (1mm) so it requires more protective thermal underwear than a neoprene one.
  • Neoprene. The material is very thick (7/8mm) which allows lighter on non underwear. In deep dives, neoprene can be compressed to 2mm, loosing part of its insulation properties. However, it is possible to buy pre-compressed neoprene to avoid this inconvenience. The foam neoprene type is the cheapest and can be used in waters that are not too deep and not too cold.
  • There are other types like vulcanized rubber o urethane coated fabrics, but they are not so common and can be more expensive.
We recommend you to follow the advice of a professional and the appropriate training before starting...

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Scuba force explorer review

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