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Water Rescue Gear and Using It

Rescue Heroes Scuba Diving Pack Hero Gear, 5 Piece Set

Equipped to save the day? Every Rescue Heroes character must have what it takes to save the day - intelligence, bravery, and the right, i.e. the latest, greatest, most unique rescue equipment - the latter is exactly what the Scuba Diving Pack contains: a searchlight, sonic gun, "Diver Down" Flag, and a Scuba Sled to speed to sea rescues. Best of all, it all fits into a backpack!

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Water rescu gear
Mustang MRK120 MRK120 Water Rescue Kit,
includes rescue sticks, throw bag and protective storage case
(meeting military, ATA and federal specifications)

To learn how to use water rescue gear you will need some instructional material, much of which is available on the Internet in form of books, e-books, videos, CD's etc. One of such is a popular PADI Rescue Diver Crew-Pak by PADI, you may wish to discuss with other advanced scuba divers prior to taking your PADI rescue scuba diver course. Rescue Diver training will prepare scuba diver to prevent problems and hazards and, if necessary, manage dive emergencies effectively. PADI Rescue Diver Crew-Pak includes:

  • PADI Rescue Diver manual
  • Pocket Mask
  • Rescue Diver Certificate
  • Safe diver decal
  • Accident Management work slate

Good rescue diver manual is one by Scuba Goo, if you are ready to pay $35.00, which the lowest price so far. Discussion will be opened soon.

Part of being a prepared rescuer is knowing how to get an injured diver or person out of the water and up onto a boat or dock. This can be done with the help of rescue net...
If you took a recreational rescue diver course or recreational search and recovery course, you probably learned a number of different search techniques, such as the expanding square or circular search using a line. These techniques might work well for high-visibility, buddy diving, but they are not very effective for blackwater, technical, public safety diving applications... - continue reading about public safety diving search patterns.

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