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The Sea Of Cortez: Where Cactus Meets Marine Life

Tucked within what many call the Gulf of California lies a unique, extremely private marine haven topped with diving dolphins, sea lions, spectacular humpback and California Gray whale watching. The Sea of Cortez, known to locals as Mar de Cortйs, is a temperate and calm adventure, with more serene waters and pleasant weather than the open Pacific. It's one of the few places you'll find cactus and marine life so beautifully cohabiting.

This small body of water separates the mainland of Mexico from the Baja California Peninsula, offering drainage from the Colorado River into the vast ocean waters. December through April, or the dry season, are considered peak cruising months, with destinations at San Felipe, Santa Roselia, Isla San Marcos, Punta Chivato, Bahia Concepcion, Loreto and La Paz. Watch turkey vultures, pelicans and frigate birds fly overhead, while manta ray and sea turtles swim below. Crabs grace the sandy coastline.

Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), a small town primarily supported by tourism and shrimp fishing, is the most popular tourist destination along The Sea of Cortez, just 60 miles beyond of the U.S. Arizona border. Stay at RV parks, rent a condo or relax at a local resort. Puerto Penasco is dotted with cactus and smooth beaches, offering authentic Mexican heritage with a distinctly nautical twist.

In addition to cruises, visitors enjoy exotic scuba diving adventures, lessons and certification opportunities. Fishing expeditions are also popular, some serving refreshments, lunch and delicious fish tacos. Deep sea fishing and diving excursions draw travelers out into the depths on custom charters to see spectacular tropical fish and marine life firsthand.

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Humbolt Squid - the most ferocious marine predator of the Sea of Cortez

The famous scuba diver of these days, Simon Enderby, tells how he dove with the most dangerous marine animals of the Sea of Cortez - Humbolt squids. Humbolt squids can grow up to 2 meters long and are ferocious marine predators, which have been known to attack humans.

Simon Enderby: "My most dangerous dive to date was whilst trying to capture a shot of The Sea of Cortez's most voracious deep sea predator, the fearsome Humboldt squid"...

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