So You Want to be A Professional Underwater Photographer?

by Jonathan Bird, a professional underwater cinematographer and photographer with experience in all aspects of underwater wildlife cinematography and still photography. His films have appeared all over the world, on networks such as National Geographic Channel, PBS, ABC, USA Network, Discovery and even the SciFi Channel.
He has won two Emmy Awards and two Cine Golden Eagles for his work. He is the author of seven books of underwater photography and the host of his own program on American public television Jonathan Bird's Blue World.

People tell me all the time that I have the best job in the world. Not that I don't agree with them, of course, but most have no idea what being a professional underwater photographer is all about. They imagine I spend a lot of time relaxing in the sun at warm tropical locations, sipping margaritas and getting paid for it to boot. If only.

Don't get me wrong, being paid to dive and make photographs for a living is a great job. The problem is that unless you shoot for National Geographic on a regular basis, you are unlikely to make your living solely at underwater photography. I can only name a handful of people who make enough money exclusively shooting underwater still photographs to pay their bills. Full Story...

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Related: Soon we intend to talk about Stephen Frink, the world's most widely published underwater photographer. With a career spanning nearly three decades, his photos have appeared in a wide variety of dive journals and magazines worldwide, and he has provided stunning imagery for hundreds of promotional campaigns. He is now the publisher of a new quarterly magazine for the Divers Alert Network, ALERT DIVER. Previously, his editorial work appeared in Scuba Diving as Director of Photography.

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