New Scuba Technology Offers Valuable Tool For Marine Workers And Ship And Boat Crews

A low-cost training course has been launched that gives seafarers and marine workers the ability to access the underside of their vessel in an emergency by using shallow water scuba diving technology

The introduction in December 2008 of a new training course means that shallow water scuba diving is now available as a solution that can permit emergency inspections and minor repairs to be performed by trained crew using Mini B scuba gear. This can be for personal use or in compliance with relevant health and safety regulations. Intended for use at depths of less than 9 metres, Mini B systems have been designed in the UK to be kept available for immediate use and to enable the wearer to enter the water with sufficient diving time to perform basic tasks.

A new Mini B training course has consequently been launched in the UK and is about to be introduced in the United States. It enables marine workers and crew members to gain all of the know-how and experience needed to scuba dive safely to depths of 9 metres using the advanced Mini B system. Because of the depth restriction, shallow water scuba diving is safer and easier to learn than conventional open-water diving. It cannot, however, replace the support provided by professional contract divers whose capabilities far exceed those of any Mini B diver. It can, however, be used as a last resort if professional divers are unavailable and it might enable a crew to overcome a difficult situation on their own.

Fouled propellers or fishing gear, blocked hull openings or damaged steering are some of the many incidents that can render a vessel helpless when far from port and the support of professional divers.

The new Mini B training courses are provided by a network of instructors throughout the United Kingdom and the United States.

The courses are run by the PSA International training agency and are delivered in three stages. Any Mini B divers who become bitten by the scuba diving bug will then be well-placed to develop their expertise and progress to training for deeper water. If this happens they will find that they can continue to use their Mini B gear as it is rated for use down to 50 metres and is acknowledged as being safer and more advanced than conventional scuba diving equipment.

The Mini B product range includes the C-Pro model that has been designed specifically for seafarers and boat owners so that it is available for instant use. It consists of a compact and hardwearing cordura back pack that neatly contains all of its components stored fully assembled and ready for use. The C-Pro features its own buoyancy, which is a vital safety feature and uses a five-litre air cylinder that is positioned at right angles across the wearer's back for superior stability.

Shallow water scuba diving is also a fast-growing new water sport that is attracting enthusiasts around the world. It is the first type of diving to acknowledge that many people prefer to dive only in shallow water which is warmer, brighter and has more abundant sea life. The new Mini B training course recognises this and teaches students everything they need to know for this less hostile environment. The courses are consequently less time consuming and expensive than those needed for more advanced forms of diving. Shallow water scuba diving is now being offered as a leisure activity by resort hotels in the Middle East. It has also been added to the curriculum for pupils at schools in south west England where it has become one of the most popular activities.

For sales information contact: Mini B Shallow Water Scuba Products Ltd. Unit 2, Kings Close, Charfleets Industrial Estate, Canvey Island, Essex SS8 0QZ, United Kingdom.

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