Underwater recruitment in Texas. High school seniors and their parents given chance to discover scuba diving first-hand

Texas Wesleyan dive instructors supervised students as they put on fins, masks, air tanks and other scuba gear and jumped into Wesleyan’s Olympic-sized pool, located in the Sid W. Richardson Center at 1100 S. Collard. That was an opportunity for people to put on the gear, get in the pool, and see what it’s like to breathe underwater,", according to Dr. Pamela Rast, associate professor and chair of the department of exercise and sport studies. The aim was just to get people interested in scuba, especially young people because traditionally scuba diving is a sport for people who are older than 19 or 20. Texas Wesleyan’s exercise and sports studies department conducted several discover scuba sessions throughout the year, in part to showcase their new minor in recreation diving management (scuba diving). Students wishing to minor in scuba were required to fulfill a minimum of 18 hours of scuba courses, consisting of classroom and pool time, open water experiences, advanced training and optional summer internships in saltwater environments, such as the Cayman Islands or Honduras, where 17 scuba divers from Texas Wesleyan explored the second largest barrier reef in the world. The scuba program and the expo were intended to do something new at Wesleyan’s open house, something to get people involved in a different experience. The scuba expo was free and open to prospective students of all ages and their parents. An equipment demonstration was held on land for those who preferred to stay dry. The program coordinator was Carla Rodriguez. The event took place in summer 2004 in Fort Worth, the USA.

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