Essential Scuba Gear Pieces to Start Experiencing a Fantastic Underwater Adventure With

California, USA. The first few times you experience the excitement of scuba diving, you'll most likely use rented scuba gear , but if you want to become an experienced diver, it's best to purchase your own equipment, says Jacques DeLounge, owner of "Scuba Gear Sale" ( ) a website specializing in scuba diving equipment. Understanding how to identify quality scuba gear can help you to find the best equipment for the lowest cost. Initially, scuba diving can be an expensive hobby, but purchasing quality scuba products can insure that you get the most value for your money.

Before going to dive on a scuba diving trip, there are seven basic essentials that any person intending to dive with scuba will need. Knowing what each of the pieces is intended for and function of each piece of equipment can be your first step to developing an eye for quality scuba gear as a novice scuba diver. They are as following:
  1. Diving Mask - The scuba mask acts as underwater glasses, keeping water out of the diver's eyes and allowing clear vision while diving. Depending on your diving preferences, masks are available in many forms.
  2. Fins - Mimicking the fins of a fish, fins increase a diver's propulsion while swimming. Diving fins are available in an open heel design which allows the inclusion of adjustment straps and diving boots for greater underwater protection.
  3. Snorkel - The snorkel device is an extended airway that allows divers to continually view the underwater landscape without having to come up for air.
  4. Wetsuit - The classic image of a scuba diver wouldn't be complete without a wetsuit. Wetsuit styles and compositions vary depending on the type of diving for which they are intended to be used. The function of wetsuit scuba gear is to keep the body insulated while underwater.
  5. Buoyancy Compensator - Resembling a vest, a buoyancy compensator is used to bring the diver and equipment to the surface. Commonly referred to as scuba gear terminology, the buoyancy compensator can be simple or elaborate depending on the type of diving for which it is used.
  6. Regulator - The diving regulator controls air flow from the tank for advanced scuba diving. Different regulators or regulator ports should be used at different diving depths.
  7. Dive Measuring Device - A dive measuring device can be found on a diving watch, or on the more advanced diving computer. This essential piece of scuba gear alerts the diver to decompression limits and dangerous diving depths.
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One of the issues with the older diving helmets, commonly referred to as heavy gear, was the CO 2 exhaled by the diver sometimes building up in the helmet causing a potentially dangerous concentrations for the diver. In those types of helmets, the air flow rates needed to be rather high resulting in consumption of a big volume of the air to keep concentration of the CO 2 at the safety level. Modern diving helmets or FFMs, come with these issues resolved through using what is commonly referred tp as an oral nasal mask. This diving device is a fairly small rubber mask installed inside the diving helmet or FFM and covering the scuba diver's nose and mouth. To preserve the air or oxygen, modern diving helmets (FFM's) use the so-called demand regulator, similar to scuba diving regulator, but incorporated in a diving helmet or FFM. The regulator's rubber diaphragm collapses inwards with each breath opening a small valve supplying air or nitrox on demand. The valve gets closed when the diver is exhaling conserving the air mixture consumed by the scuba diver.


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