Bali, the most popular dive holiday destination in the world.

Discover Scuba Diving in Bali!

Bali remains for many years by far Indonesia's most popular dive destination. If you go scuba dive to Bali, you will discover plenty of shore based scuba diving opportunities. The Bali scuba diving adventures are varied with drop offs, coral gardens, wrecks and a huge diversity of marine life to view both for experience scuba diver and a beginner.

One of the most visited destinations is the Lombok strait that lies to the east of Bali. It is the straight that is famous by the fact that the biggest mass of tidal water on the earth flows though it. In the Bali warm sea waters a diver can take pictures or videotape some big pelagics including sunfish.Bali is also a departure point for several liveaboards heading east to Komodo.

Indonesia plans to ban bikini in Bali. Indonesia lawmakers are currently in course of discussing a law to ban bikini across the country, including Bali. Does it mean lack of motivation for men scuba divers to go dive Bali? Or one more reason go to Bali as soon as possible? Bali girls are so sexy! Are these girls in bikini Sexy Or Not?

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