Other Extreme Sports: Snowboarding in Ukraine

Burn Snowboarding contest in Bukovel.

On Feb 27 a Burn Snowpark Jib-competition with the prize fund of 2000 euro was held in the tourist complex Bukovel situated next to the town of Yaremche in Ivano-Frankivsk Region. Participation in the Jib-social context Bukovel Jib Contest was free for all skiers and snowboarders (new school), starting from the age of 16 years. Bukovel is Ukraine's first European-class resort furnished with some high-speed chair lifts, meticulously groomed slopes and snow-making machines, turnstyles for letting skiers through lines, and ubiquitous security personnel. The spa's office can be reached at +380 50 140 08 90 (phone) or +380 50 140 08 90 (fax).

Ski events in the other countries: Canada

Both beginner and advanced skiers and snowboarders may wish to visit Castle Mountain resort in Canada's province of Alberta that has become glorious for its inbounds steeps and extreme skiing (see picture to the right). There's a lift allowing access to the terrain that is popular with beginners and intermediates. Those without ski partners, lacking adequate snow knowledge, and not equipped with avalanche gear are warned to
stay within the prescibed bounderies.

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