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Learn to FreeDive. "Introduction To FreeDiving" Course (S.E.T.T.). A 2-day weekend certification course in the stunning 30m S.E.T.T. Tank in Gosport, Portsmouth. Experienced Instructors will combine classroom theory with practical exercises in the tank. Book Now >> Performance Freediving courses and clinics in Miami, Florida, come next.

Educational freediving courses for snorkelers, freedivers, spearfishermen and simply everybody heading for a seaside to have some recreation swimming in the water needs more promotion of awareness of being needed. Some quality stress-free and safe freediving training programs aimed towards ensuring safe performance in this type of the activity are available everywhere in the United States. Normally such safety training facility would offer both recreational and professional level freediving courses and certification, though certification for this kind of activity isn't mandatory. The recreational are: basic, intermediate and advanced freediver courses or their analogies; professional are intended to train freediving instructors of multiple levels and normally include levels like safety supervisor and instructor, or assistant instructor. Such courses are offered by some reputed institutions across the US, UK, Canada, and sometimes cover popular diving locations across the world.

Why getting educated on free-diving safety? Even if free diving isn't considered dangerous activities, it does pose danger and can even end up in the death of diver due to unsafe behavior while in the water. What is freediving by definition, anyway. Free diving can be described as breath-hold diving with or without snorkel and mask and sort of water adventure sport or hobby for the sake of getting in touch, viewing and experiencing the sights, scenes and sounds of the marine life. On a single breath of air a freediver is capable to explore the life of numerous fish and sea creatures for quite a number of minutes at a time with relative comfort.

But we said what we meant: such comfort is RELATIVE, for it may hide behind itself a mortal danger of fainting and then become a victim of dry drowning. At least one of such dangers is the so-called shallow water blackout posing especial danger for intermediate livel of skills freedivers. Don't miss to get more information so you would have an idea how you could learn how to dive deeper, longer, and most importantly - safer without any special devices, gear, or scuba-like equipment.

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