Wreck Diving: Stella Maru

Position of Mauritius on the world mapScuba diving holiday in Mauritius would be incomplete, if you failed to visit and dive at one wreck site at least. The waters that surround the island of Mauritius are famous for presence of many easily accessible wrecks at different dive locations, but one of the most striking diving would be on the Stella Maru, situated at Trou aux Biches on the North West coast. Sunken to the depth of around 25m, the Stella Maru is an old Japanese trawler sent to a watery grave in 1987. Although the ship rests on her board, her huge bulk now sits upright on the seabed following a massive cyclone that affected the area back in 2002. Comparatively intact, the Stella Maru presents an impressing sight, with even more sensation added by some surrounding coral and schools of exotic tropical fish rushing around. The wreck's bulkhead has become habitat of some huge Moray eels. This wreck dive site is of particular attraction for keen underwater photographers who would be eager to capture some amazing images and take underwater pictures while on their scuba diving holidays to Mauritius, which is a popular dive destination located in the Indian Ocean.

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