Wreck diving in Thailand

One of the most famous wreck dive sites in Thailand is HTMS Kut, the sunken vessel of the Thailand's navy. The wreck HTMS Kut rests on the seabed at the depth of 30 meters near Koh Sak, Pattaya Bay, and can be recommended for air, nitrox and technical diver wreck scuba diving. The wreck has formed an artificial coral reef and the local sea fauna breeding site.

Scuba diver can easily descend down to the top of the wreck that resides at the depth of 10 meters. Normally the visibility at this dive site ranges from 5 to 15 meters, i.e. not very good. For tech and nitrox diving the best choice of gas mixture must be Nitrox 36.

The highest area of the wreck is the ship's captain bridge, and it can be reached absolutely easily, so scuba diver can put his or her feet on it. It is at the depth of 13 meters, and moving there is free from hazands or dangers, therefore exploring it is suitable even for beginner scuba diver. Other areas of the shipwreck are deck, side passageways, engine compartment. The hull of the wreck can be penetrated via large hole specially cut before sinking the vessel. The only hazards coming to the mind must be originating from metal doors that were not removed and are still functional and from the deposits of silt that might collapse if disturbed. As for the doors, a scuba diver runs the risk of getting shut inside, so attention and care is required.

The HTMS Kut wreck is very suitable for technical diver training, because even if its engine parts were essentially removed, there are still many ducts, pipes etc. in place, though with the time passing they are expected to undergo destruction.

Besides the HTML Kut, Thailand has dozens of interesting wreck diving sites, like Hardeep Wreck, HTM.S Khram, Nakha, oil tanker Playboy 3, Sarasin, Gulf of Siam Wrecks like USS Lagarto USS Lagarto Sub, Pak1, Koho Maru-5, Vertical Wreck, Arosan Maru, the drill ship Seacrest, Big C5, Mystery Marus, Hatsutaka, Akela, SS Carrie, Nanmei No5; Koh Tao wrecks like The Unicorn, Hishidaiya Maru, C47 Aircraft Wreck, Davy Jones, Pangan, Tottori Maru, Big Boy Maru, Akita Maru, Brick Maru, Bitumen Wreck, Wankey Tankey, King Cruiser Wreck, Coral Reef Squadron, to name just a few. It's real wreck diver paradise! Many of Thailand wrecks are not as easily accessible as HTMS Kut and scuba diving on those dive sites require proper skills corresponding to adequate certification.

Wreck ship diving in Pattaya, Thailand

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