Artificial reef diving

Aircraft wreck diving. Click on the image to enlargeBoeing 737 Artificial Reef in British Columbia: this artificial reef was formed through sinking at the Salish Sea, BC, a Boeing 737 in January 2006. If you are in for wreck diving, then visiting and scuba diiving at this artificial reef should be on your list. Scuba divers from all over the world visited this dive site, and many travel annually again to watch new species of marine life inhabiting the dive site. It's formidable how this wreck remains intact and resistant to destruction, offering safe dive opportuniities for numerous wreck scuba divers. Scuba diving at the Boeing 737 is considered cool. The dive site is locaten near Chemainus, in British Columbia, Canada.

Artificial reef diving, including both shipwreck diving and plane wreck diving is available worldwide. Even if you are a begiiner scuba diver, there are still good wreck dive sites you could dive starting from Florida Keys and ending with distant locations like Thailand or Mauritius where you may wish to make a trip to explore local wrecks turned into artificial coral reefs. Or you may wish to do your own research on the Internet to find a good artificial reef for scuba diving that would suite your specific diver needs depending upon your level of PADI certification required to dive at certain artificial wrecks that may be requiring Nitrox Diver or even Technical Diver PADI certification.

Artificial reef diving

artificial reef diving * habitat for marine organisms * New Jersey * permit to dive * New York * Delaware * Maryland * Virginia * North Carolina * South Carolina * Georgia * helicopter wreck * HMAS Perth 11 Albany * * * the upper Florida Keys boast 2 famous artificial reefs - the wrecks Spiegel Grove and Duane * while going wreck diving at other places

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Artificial reef diving

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