Benwood Wreck

The Benwood Wreck is located within the limits of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary area, resting there on the sea bed at the depth of 25 to 55 feet under the sea water surface level. Since sinking the wreck has turned into an artificial reef providing habitat to many species of sea fish.

wreck divingThe Benwood Wreck is considered to be one of the best shallow wreck dive sites in the Key Largo area.

Diving conditions: It is important to note that the Benwood wreck dive site can be from time to time affected by a moderate sea underwater current. Many scuba divers go to the wreck for night dives specifically, because the wreck is inhabited by various luminiscent sea creatures, which are fun to observe at night time. Anyway, night scuba diving at Benwood Wreck can be recommended only to advanced PADI scuba divers with adequate number of the previous dives logged under similar dive conditions. As for less experienced divers, novice divers included, they still can dive and explore this great location and the remains of the wreck while scuba diving during daytime. The visibility during the daytime is good, ranging from 10 m to 30 m in average.

How to find it: the Benwood Wreck is located in the northern portion of the Key Largo between the French Reef and the Dixie Shoals. The location is marked by 1 spar buoy and 4 mooring buoys B1-4 on the surface.

Marine life at the Benwood Wreck: moray eels, glassy sweepers, hogfish, sea whips, sea fans, goatfish, grunts, lobsters, snappers, groupers, hogfish; brain coral, fire coral, sponges. The site is great for macro diving and for professional underwater photography, as it provides habitat to tiny jawfish.

Other dive sites that are located close to the Benwood Wreck: French Reef, Molasses Reef, Spiegel Grove, Grecian Rocks, USCG Duane, USCG Bibb, North Dry Rocks / Minnow Cave, Christ of the Abyss, Mike's Wreck, Pickles Reef, Snapper Ledge, Aquarius Underwater Laboratory, Elbow Reef, City of Washington, Conch Reef.

The history of Benwood wreck: the Benwood was a the Norwegian merchant freighter ship of British construction that was sunk off the Key Largo coast in 1942 during the World War II.

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