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Japanese Naval Wrecks. These wrecks are the main tourist attractions of Coron. These Japanese wrecks are a remnant of the Philippines' participation in the Second World War. The Philippines was under Japanese rule and US forces were bombing the Japanese naval ships near Manila. To protect the other warships, a decision was made to deploy the ships to other safe places around the islands. Read the entire story.

  1. Your diving trip to Mauritius should include an expedition to at least one wreck site. Wreck Stella Maru is a particularly good for keen underwater photographers.
  2. One of the most famous wreck dive sites in Thailand is HTMS Kut, the artificial reef formed by a sunken vessel of the Thailand's navy.
  3. Boeing 737 Artificial Reef in British Columbia: this artificial reef is located at the Salish Sea, BC, Canada. If you are in for wreck diving, then visiting and scuba diiving at this artificial reef should be on your list.
  4. The Benwood Wreck is considered to be one of the best shallow wreck dive sites in the Key Largo area.

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