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  • AquaExplorers.com - Aqua Explorers, Inc. Find scuba diving equipment, Wreck Valley Shipwreck charters, swimsuits, deep sea fishing and shipwreck information. Capt. Dan Berg and the Wreck Valley crew invite you to join them as they explore the fascinating maritime history of New York and New Jersey by visiting the shipwrecks of Wreck Valley.
  • Reef Scuba Accessories - Manufacturers of scuba diving equipment. Full line of products for novice to technical diver. Online sales.
  • DivingWithSharks.com - Ever wanted to dive with sharks? This site offers shark diving on Isla Guadalupe and delivers what you are looking for... sharks!
  • Scuba Gear
    Your favorite resource for Scuba Gear
  • The Lost City of Atlantis - Follow the experts as they travel the world in the search for the Lost City of Atlantis,- from underwaterarchaeology.com.
  • Ko Chang information and accommodation
    The Ko Chang Island website provides information on Thailand's second biggest island with online bookings at resorts and hotels.

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    Wreck Diving at Mauritius. Don't miss out Stella Maru, at Trou aux Biches on the Mauritius' North West coast.

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    Ukrainian Society of Professional Scuba Diving Instructors
    Ukrainian professional diving instructors UDIP

    Equipment Dive Destinations: Caribbean - Costa Rica Certification Sitemap

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