Wireless in Underwater Communications

Cellphone for divers

Victoria, British Columbia - Dec. 12, 2002 - Dangerous underwater rescue operations around the world have become much safer for dive units using a unique underwater communication system developed, and unveiled today in Victoria, by Divelink International Technologies Inc.

The Victoria-based hi-tech company's systems are favored by rescue divers because theirs is the only system that allows divers to communicate without being connected by wires and without having to operate awkward hand-held units. The latest technology developed by Divelink is a special adaptor that enables further communication using a cell phone. Not only can divers now talk to other divers and someone on the surface, but also they can speak to a person anywhere in the world.

"Our system is a natural fit for emergency response professionals as they need to communicate with a variety of sources during a rescue operation," says Pete Devine, Vice President of Divelink. "We're proud of our technology and we're also proud that it helps to save lives."

The Divelink system is the only multi-channel underwater communication system and has a range of up to 2000 metres. The system gives divers voice contact with the surface and with each other through a hands-free microphone attached to the dive mask. The system works on a patented voice recognition chip, allowing dive teams to work more cooperatively.

Divelink's products have quickly become fundamental dive tools in the field of search and rescue, scientific data gathering, movie production, underwater photography, salvaging, weapon retrieval and diver instruction. It is a vast improvement on the old system which consisted of line pulls on a rope stretching from the diver to the surface.

The company's client list includes the US Navy Seals, Japanese Coast Guard, Malaysia Fire Brigade Search and Recovery Unit, Disney World, the Seattle Aquarium, National Geographic Magazine and over 40 search and rescue dive units in North America alone. Their latest client is Florida State University where Divelink equipment will be used for an underwater crime scene course.

The full-face single channel mask retails for approximately $900 US; a full-face multi-channel unit for $1500 US; a single channel surface communications unit for $900 US and a cell phone surface unit for $1250 US.

About Divelink Divelink International Technologies Inc. specializes in hands free wireless underwater communications, supplying the Divelink system to almost 60 countries worldwide. Originally developed for Nokia of Finland, the project was moved to Canada when Mark Stone, an electrical engineer who developed the system, acquired it. For further information on the company's products and services contact: 800-348-7815 .

For further information, please contact:

Mr. David Davies Harbourwerks Communications Tel: (250) 382-4332 Email: ddavies@harbourwerks.com

Mr. Pete Devine Divelink International Technologies Inc. Tel: 250-479-4868 Tel: 800-348-7815 Email:pete@divelink.net

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